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You might have heard of the 'farm to fork' movement, where consumers are encouraged to find out exactly where their produce is coming from to ensure the supplier has sustainable practises - this is a great ethos that we as butchers can contribute to by:


  • Sourcing meat from local farmers to reduce transportation emissions and of course, it supports local businesses. It also allows you to know and to pass on to the consumer exactly where your meat is coming from and how it was raised.

  • Reducing food wastage should be second nature to our industry. As butchers, we control the cuts, so we should aim to use as much of the animal as possible, including cuts that are less popular. If customers see these lesser known or used cuts in your display, chances are they'll start to purchase out of curiosity.

  • Educating your customers about the environmental impact of the meat industry and encourage them to make more sustainable choices. It's no secret that consumers are educating themselves about meat production and all the effects that come it. As butchers, we can offer suggestions for recipes that incorporate less popular cuts of meat, and introduce them to locally supplied meat as an alternative to imports. 


Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility

One of the hottest topics on the butchery block is sustainability and the eco ways of the meat industry.As butchers, there are steps we can take to contribute to these efforts.

Environmental Practises


It's not uncommon to find heaps of plastic in most butcheries and smallgoods stores. While there are situations where single-use plastic is necessary, these instances are becoming less frequent. Manufacturers of butchery supplies are also committing to becoming more eco-friendly, which is a step in the right direction.


In 2023 we shouldn't be using single use plastic discs to separate burgers, or as plastic shopping bags. Source better. Use eco friendly packaging with supplies made from recycled materials, or even biodegradable options. Did you know you can get bio degradable vac pack now? Even in your displays, ditch the plastic parsley and other faux greenery.

There's no two ways about it - it's crucial that we move away from single use plastic. As an industry we need to avoid using single use plastic bags for customer purchases and plastic discs to separate burgers. Instead, opt for eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials or biodegradable alternatives. Did you know that there is now biodegradable Cryovac available? Ditch the plastic display trays, and consider using alternatives to plastic parsley and other faux greenery in your displays to reduce your environmental impact. Let's all do our part to fight plastic waste. Do you need to wrap customers sausages in a single use bag? Let's do better as an industry! 


The environmental packaging industry is moving at light speed, and almost everything we use know has an eco friendly alternative. The cost may be higher initially to swap out your supplies for better ones, but in the long run as they gain popularity, the price will come down, and one day these supplies will be the only option available. So think about making the switch now.


If you'd like your business to become more sustainable and environmentally conscious, get in touch to begin the conversation about how I can help, or if you're a media organisation looking for content on the subject, please reach out via email.

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