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The Butcher Girl Alison brand has been established through more than ten years of diverse industry experience worldwide, coupled with a lifelong involvement in cattle farming and beef production.

While I didn't grow up in a family of butchers, and my passion for the craft developing later in life, I want to use my knowledge and success to ensure the future of butchery is an inclusive and innovative space!

I’ve been involved in the industry for over 20 years, and it all began with my Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Styling) from RMIT University Melbourne and starting a career in being a Home Economist with food styling and recipe creation for magazines and trade shows before social media was even a thing!

This work lead to some awesome opportunities including a year long internship in the US, where meat is a serious business. Working with meat suppliers and styling butcher displays in the States sparked my interest in going beyond the preparation and presentation of food, and wanting to learn the magical art of the butchery behind it all.

Back in Australia, my mission was clear - retrain as a butcher! Without skipping a beat, I signed up for a course and aced my Certificate III in Meat Processing at the renowned William Angliss Institute.

After perfecting my skills in a trendy Melbourne butcher shop, I jet-setted off to Shanghai, China, where I became the go-to guru for Australian Beef in Asia.


It was a wild ride, educating and captivating consumers on the beauty of Aussie meat and its unique cuts. From slicing and dicing to storytelling, I relished showcasing the best of Aussie meat brands.

Collaborating with top beef and lamb names from Down Under, I spread my knowledge across Southeast Asia. From Indonesia to Thailand, I shared the secrets of butchery and cooking, training chefs and meat connoisseurs alike. It was here that the seeds of Butcher Girl Alison were sown, marking the beginning of my journey in education and consultancy, championing the excellence of Australian beef and lamb cuts.

Like most Aussies, the chance to jet off to London was an offer too good to pass up, especially when it meant landing a gig at the prestigious Lidgates butcher shop.

In the heart of London, surrounded by seasoned butchers at this iconic 150-year-old shop, my love for the art of butchery blossomed. The daily hustle and bustle, the customer interactions, the traditional vibes - it all fueled my fascination for this meaty craft. Working in this award-winning shop in Holland Park, I was hooked.

The meat displays were pure magic, a feast for the eyes. I soaked up every bit of knowledge and passion from the talented team and realised - this was my calling.

I returned to Australia in 2019, and it was here back home in Victoria where Butcher Girl Alison was truly born. My mission is to educate, consult and train not just butchers, but consumers, industry specialists and everyone in between on all things meat, with a big emphasis on secondary cuts, revenue maximization and waste reduction.


Adding online and real life training to my bow, I've upped my presentation and education game by completing Certificate IV in Training and Assessment / Industry Presenter for any extra touch of experience in media opportunities, as well as getting involved in business development projects both for the Government and private clients.


My laid back Aussie persona and eagerness to assist others in overcoming the obstacles of the meat industry have driven me to expand Butcher Girl Alison beyond just myself. Now I've got an awesome team consisting of exceptional individuals who embody the BGA ethos and wholeheartedly support me in all aspects of my work.


My next goal is to revive the art of butchery and bring it back to the world! I want to encourage more women to join this amazing industry and promote the idea of nose to tail eating while highlighting the value of long forgotten secondary cuts. It's all about a sustainable, zero waste future!


Need some butcher help? No worries! No project is too big or too small. Give me a shout and find out what I can do for you!

Meet Butcher Girl

G'day! I am Alison Meagher, also known professionally as Butcher Girl Alison, and with almost twenty years of global slicing and dicing expertise under my belt, I'm on a mission to revolutionise the world of butchery!

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